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Meet the characters ...


POPS: A crinkly, crumply root-beer can. Impetuous. Wants to be a leader and works on leadership skills. Pops dreams of a new life, after recycling, to become part of a toy train (the locomotive, of course).

*JUG: A glass milk jug, cracked. Cynical,sarcastic, wants to be tough, but feels frightened. Doubtful about the journey to recycling, and getting recycled. Not sure about becoming more than a cracked-up milk bottle. 

TUBBY: A plastic butter tub who lost its top. Suffered slight meltdown in the microwave. Likeable, clumsy, insecure. Wants everyone to be nice and make friends.

*OL’ NEWS: Yesterday's Newspaper. Older, wise, mentor. Tired of delivering bad news. Considers retirement vs. recycling.

RAGS: An old rag doll, tattered and torn. Sweet, naive, shy at first and gets braver.

DIVA DRAGON: The bully! Self-appointed dump guardian who dreamed of a career in show business, but suffered a setback. Wanders around the dumps and sings miserably off key. Angry and mean spirited.

*CAPTAIN RAT: Leader of the Diva’s Rat Patrol. Efficient, eager to please the Dragon, and sometimes bullies his lieutenant.

*LT. RAT: Member of the Diva’s Rat Patrol. Not too bright, clueless, but willing to please if he can get cheese.

*Jug and Ol' News can be double cast as Captain Rat and Lt. Rat.

Additional Rats can be added to the cast, with ad-lib remarks or non-speaking parts.

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